What is the Proactive Rental Housing Inspection Program (PRHIP)? Long Beach Property Management

In Long Beach, there is a new city program called the Proactive Rental Housing Inspection Program, or PRHIP. This became effective on November 1, 2015. The purpose of the program is to maintain minimum housing standards for public health, safety and welfare. There will be routine and periodic inspections of all rental housing in the city and there will also be education for owners and tenants.

Program Funding and Participation

The program is self-funded, so each property owner will be charged an annual fee for all the properties they own. It regulates residential rentals of four units or more and includes rental houses, boarding houses, lodging houses and rooming houses. Each owner – or operator on behalf of the owner – will need to register for the PRHIP. This needs to be done within 60 days of November 1 each year. Owners of qualifying properties will not be able to do business unless each property is registered with the city. Owners also need to pay the annual PRHI fee and maintain a current business license. There are penalties for failing to register. It’s a misdemeanor, and you can face a fine of $1,000 or a jail term of six months. Each day of your violation counts as a separate violation.

Tenant Education

At the time of any new rental, the property owner has to provide tenants with an information pamphlet prepared by the city.

City Inspections

The city will perform periodic inspection. There will be an exterior inspection of common areas and then a random sampling of not less than 10 percent of the interior units. There may be inspections of 100 percent of your units if violations are found in any of them. The city will mail out a notice of inspection within 14 dayWhat is the Proactive Rental Housing Inspection Program (PRHIP)? Long Beach Property Managements to owners or property management companies. If violations are found, re-inspections will be scheduled. City inspectors can also file code enforcement violations if they are found. After a successful inspection, you will receive a compliance certificate that covers the rest of the year.

Any new changes of ownership have to be filed with city within 60 days of a new owner acquiring the property. For more information, contact us at Belmont Brokerage & Management. We can provide copies of the ordinance, registration forms and other information.


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